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shan | she/her

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I am a full-time Filipino high school student and I am currently living in the Philippines (I move from countries to countries quite often). Please keep in mind that I am a minor.

commission rates

gcash | paypal

prices applicable starting
october 24, 2022.


700 PHP | 14 USD
+ one head | 500 PHP | 10 USD


waist-up shot
1000 PHP | 20 USD
+ one head | 800 PHP | 16 USD


full-body shot
1500 PHP | 30 USD
+ one head | 1000 PHP | 20 USD

+ one (1) additional prop | 50 PHP | 1 USD

for detailed background, pm or dm me through my socials !!

stylized charactersnsfw
slight nsfwx mecha
basic-coloured bgsx complex bg
oc / fanartrealism
  • 50% of the payment is required before I start, the other 50% will be paid after the finished artwork.

  • Refunds will only be made according to the progress of the artwork.

  • Each commission will approximately take 1-20 days (unless you request for a specific deadline with payment).

  • Please send as much references as you can (character, pose, clothing, etc.)

  • Background is very limited but can add additional requests.

  • Additional props and complexity of the character design will be additional payment.

  • Please send your own references or designs, otherwise, extra charge will be made if I am to draw an original design.

  • I have the right to turn down the commission or request if I feel uncomfortable.

  • Unable to do commissions means that I will be sending you refund.

  • Revisions (except for small revisions) will not be made after proceeding to the base colors.

  • Piece is only for personal use and cannot be sold or redistributed.

  • Printing of commission can be done only for personal use.

  • Client needs to send their email for the best quality of the artwork.

  • Let me know beforehand if you do not want your commission to be made public, until then, I will post everything in my account and portfolio.

  • Clients who do not follow these rules will be blocked and be listed.


using my art

  • I allow my artworks to be used as an icon, edits, header, etc., with proper credits in yor bio.

  • Reposting is allowed only with permission.

  • Alteration or editing my artwork is strictly prohibited.

  • For reposters, please tag my account, add the original source, and properly credit me in the description.

  • I do not allow printing of my artworks, our official shop is the only source for art prints and stickers.

  • Any collaborations you can dm or pm me through my social media.